“I went see Liz for fertility acupuncture as my husband and I had had a few unsuccessful IVF cycles. I found Liz to be most kind, calming and patient and I thoroughly enjoyed the tailored sessions she did. Each session was structured around what stage we were at in the IVF cycle and I found it very relaxing. It was so good, to have that time away from the stresses of work and a busy schedule to focus on yourself, relaxation, breathing, the stage in our IVF cycle and wellbeing. I always left the sessions feeling light and stress free. I’m now extremely pleased to say that my husband and I are now parents to Boy & Girl twins born May 2017. I would definitely recommend Liz and her fertility acupuncture services.”   Sally. North London

“I just would like to say that I am pregnant, I am 9 weeks and 5 days and I am very happy. So far the baby is doing well.  I would like to thank you very much for all your help, I don’t think it would have happened without your help.”   A.D. – Muswell Hill, N10

“I wanted to let you know that I gave birth to a baby girl….After trying for so long to have her she is our little miracle and I want to thank you for the acupuncture and advice which I believe helped the IVF work first time.  I was very lucky and had a good pregnancy with no sickness which I put down to your advice regarding nutrition as I think my body was well prepared for getting pregnant.”  K.S.

“Just wanted to say thanks so much for all your support during the IVF and beforehand.  You really helped to keep me relaxed through it all which I think really helped.”  J.F. – Crouch End, N8

Injuries & Pain

“I went to see Liz for neck pain and nagging ache across shoulders.  Treatment was great and Tu Ni massage wonderful.  Now have more range of movement in my neck and constant ache across shoulders has completely gone.”   S.H. – Winchmore Hill, N21

“When I came to Liz I was in a lot of pain from a long-standing back problem.  I found the treatment very gentle and the useful back exercises have made a real difference.”   J. M.  – Bounds Green, N11

“I was referred to Liz to try acupuncture as a form of pain management and as an alternative to painkillers.  After a few weekly sessions I noticed that the pain in my shoulders and neck was starting to recede and is continuing to do so.  The sessions are relaxing and Liz seems genuinely concerned for my well being.  I have followed Liz’s suggestions for excercises and dietary changes and I have noticed an improvement in my symptoms and overall health.  The treatments are tailored to me personally and are much more successful and preferable to painkillers and their unpleasant side effects.”   E.A. – Muswell Hill, N10.

“Liz treated me for chronic sinusitis. After 3 sessions the pain was completely gone. Thank you Liz.”  E.M. N22

“I went to see Liz with a shoulder injury. I was in a lot of discomfort and my movement was severely restricted. Liz was kind and welcoming. She used tui na massage on both my arm and shoulder. I found the treatments gentle and very beneficial (far less pain and increased movement). Highly recommended.”  Diana Widdows, Osteopath  N1

I have been receiving Tui Na massage from Liz for several years, to relax stiff muscles and joints following a spinal injury. After each session I feel relaxed in body and mind. From the outset I have found her to be calm, re-assuring and very knowledgeable in her practice. Very professional, with strength, you can be sure you are in safe hands with Liz.”
Paul Flavell, Qi Gong Teacher & Career Coach, N11

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