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The menopause can be a bewildering time with a range of unpleasant symptoms including low-mood, weight-gain, hot flushes and nightsweats.  Quite often, we simply work through it, thinking that our symptoms will eventually calm down. However, there are supportive therapies such as Acupuncture, Tui Na Chinese Medical Massage and Reflexology that can help you through […]

Workshop in May

Over the years I’ve had the privilege to train with some very inspiring yoga teachers, including Tara Fraser, founder of Yoga Junction in Crouch End.  On May 13th Tara will be teaching a one-day workshop bringing to it her many years of experience and exploration of yoga.  For more information, contact Tara at Yoga Junction.  […]

Yoga Classes

Looking forward to starting small, gentle yoga classes (limited to 5 or 6 students) at my home yoga studio in Bounds Green on Thursday November 10th.  In a calm, warm space, the classes will focus on working to improve flexibility and strength at your own pace.  Classes will include a guided relaxation at the end […]